Feb. 17th, 2015

So I wrote this a while back on my personal blog, and because of the oddities of having a personal and a "professional" DW account, didn't crosspost it. Well, I'm going to do so now, with some minor modifications.

Okay, so there was a thing that haikujaguar on livejournal posted, about representation as authors in fiction, and how it felt like this should be a non-issue -- that people should just self-publish and do an end-run around the gatekeepers. (You can probably find the post and she may let me link to it (or she may tell me to occlude the name), but for Bast's sake, if you comment there, be good. Because the TL;DR form is I think she's 100% right on one axis of the argument, though I disagree with her on another axis.) So anyway, I had a mass of feels which I inflicted on her. And which I should probably put here, because it goes really meta in spots. (And now she can delete all my comments if she wants! ^_^ )

...um, Person Who Is Traditionally Published Soon (Now!), whom I refer to, tell me if you'd like me to A: edit this in any way on those aspects, and B: delete the other comments and just reference back to here. I was trying to avoid saying anything specific!

I have, as is said these days, feels. )

From another comment-reply:

(...I also think that people knowing what they want, money or fame, is necessary for them to decide what they'll settle for. People rarely make sound business decisions that are based on unexamined assumptions.)

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