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400 words. Inspired by tuftears (livejournal).

Captain Daina sighed and watched the security feeds.

The ship was a refurbished yacht-- once a rich Hallo's toy, now registered out of Lunatic Fringe. The Irari passengers held cameras that doubled as scanners (rather than scanners doubling as cameras).

Tal-X-23 and Tal-Y-25 (cross-gender clone-sibs who owned 45% of the ship-shares) smiled at each passenger, chirping Irari greetings. Meanwhile, the Tals' head-computer notes-- appearing on the sec-feeds-- identified one's weapons.

"A spy?" Daina muttered.

maybe just a bodyguard, Sapient Starscream put on the screen. (The AI's name had not traumatized it, the comp-psychs swore; "Starry" just didn't like talking out loud. Or capital letters.)

"Maybe. They've been on Sparrion."

no hitch-hikers.

"Thanks for watching." The Tals were security, too, which meant passenger-herding left that post less filled than Daina liked around Sparrial stations.

The Irari were half-settled while Daina spoke to Flight Control when alert alert alert scrolled across the screens.

Daina got to the airlock as it was forced open by a gigantic black paw. The equally-large Kintaran owner of that paw squeezed in. "This ship is hijacked by the KLF!" he boomed.


"Kintaran Liberation Front!" The male tapped his chest. "Me!"


He shrugged. "Got bored here."

Engineering was crowded, what with Captain Daina, both Tals, their Mmsar engineer, and her three apprentices all crammed into a space that was meant for at most three people at a time.

However, the rec room was filled with approximately a thousand pounds of gigantic, furry, black Kintaran tom, and the bridge was less forgiving if someone bumped into the controls. Also, Sapient Starscream had locked the bridge door.

Salnth, the Mmsar, said, "Why does Kintara need Liberating?"

"It doesn't," Daina said. "They've got their own government, if Kintara Station counts..."

Tal-X said, "The KLF is a one-Kint movement, hijacking his way around the sector. He's giant, but basically harmless..."

"I don't want him bothering the Irari," Daina said.

"Why doesn't someone's Navy arrest him?" one of Salnth's apprentices asked over his Matriarch's shoulder.

"Normally he hijacks ships with Kintaran crew," Tal-Y began. "And they--"

look out look out look out, Starry displayed on a screen.

"What?" Salnth said-- then the Engineering door opened and a giant Kintaran ducked his humanoid part inside. His huge yellow eyes scanned the shipcrew. Amiably, he boomed, "Hey, why aren't the pretty females keeping me company?"

Tal-Y finished, "--like him. He's unique."

[Irari are from Steve Jackson Games' GURPS Aliens, and used by permission.]
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