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Or: I aint'nt dead! (To quote Terry Pratchett's Granny Weatherwax...)

I am working on Crucible (Alchemy's Heirs #2). I think it will be longer than #1, and hopefully meatier instead of slightly fluffy. (Thus far, people say, "Needs more meat, but okay" about All That Glitters, rather than anything about "light and fluffy; perfect!" So, well...)

And on the assumption that anyone looking at this as a blog and not just going straight to the "my books" section to see where to buy them, and if anything's out that they didn't know about...

Let me start that sentence over. This being a blog, I will not drag it out back and shoot it as I would in a book, but really now.

Anyone who is only here to look at the book pages should go right ahead. Not everyone wants to see chatty posts by authors, and that's fine.

Anyone who wants to hear the chatty stuff can keep reading. :)

So. To make an author happy? Review their books. Even a teeny line is nice. Something more substantial, perhaps in the form of "I didn't like [x], but [y] really pleased me," is even better, especially in this era of people buying reviews, as it signals you're probably not dashing off "It was better than Cats; I will read it again and again" for five bucks. (I don't buy reviews. I'm too busy buying covers. I have written drabbles for people who reviewed, though; I figure that if someone didn't honestly like my writing, 100 words more of it wouldn't be much incentive!) If you didn't much like it, a sop of "but if you're a fan of X, you might like it even if I didn't" is always appreciated (though if you can get your money back, as Amazon allows... well, if you really didn't like it, that's better for everyone, right?).

Right now, Amazon has the Like button, which goes to Amazon's databases, not Facebook's. If you are a shopper at Amazon, push that button -- not to make the author happy (though it will, of course) -- but to let Amazon know to show you "more like this one." Amazon can be extremely good at enabling people's book habits, using data like that.

And, a more personal tidbit: I try not to comment on reviews unless it's something like, "I think you meant to review [X], but this is attached to [Y]," or I've seen you around on mailing lists and really agree with a point. If you ever did want me to comment, you'd have to ask pretty explicitly. (But I will talk on my Author Forum on Amazon, now and again, as I think that's what is meant to be possible! But, y'know, you could shoo me away there.

I will comment on the journal here, though. ;)

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