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Feel number one: ...okay, so with two taps on the screen (on the iPad version), it puts blank spaces over words that are often considered offensive by people.

And my big huge "feel" is... So?

The original is unharmed. Heck, the changes can be reversed with another couple of taps, so it's even less "damage" than taking a physical book and a bottle of white-out and playing "NOW KISS" with them.

And if someone wants to read a book like that, who died and made me Ma'at to judge whether that's "the right way to read"? It's their experience. They're seeking it out. They're not inflicting it on anyone else.

(On the other side, of course, is that I don't tell people how to read, and no one tells me that I need to write so that it will "clean up" tidily. Unless they are offering me substantial amounts of money...)

So I consider it hubristic to tell people they're "reading it wrong" if they use Clean Reader. (Just as I consider the font, font-size, and colors of any ebook I have to be MINE TO COMMAND!) So long as people aren't pretending that that's the way I (or whoever) wrote it originally, and aren't distributing the altered material without permission, then how they read is between them and their ereader. They can read it in the rain, they can read it on a train. They can read it in the mud, they can read it in a flood. They can make cussing unseen -- they can read it, dirty or clean.

...I may be just a little punchy about the topic by now.

Anyway, this is the obligatory paragraph for shilling my works. Smashwords distributes (with my permission) my work to Page Foundry, which is the company that owns Inktera, Clean Reader, and at least a couple other "themed" ebook reader apps. (One is focused on romance-only!) Therefore, you can buy my books -- or download the free ones -- through those apps and see what you think of the app. The science fiction works, thus far, are pretty "clean" already, and the fantasy-romances probably don't use the keywords that would hide what's going on. So, er, be warned.
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