Nov. 12th, 2011

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(Inspired by [profile] drakemagi.)

Maternal Considerations

"Maaaaaaara!" Farafinleet collided with Coli-nfarin in a wet-nosed tackle-glomp involving arms, forelegs, and a flailing tail. "Kinahran won' lemme go wiiiiiiith her!"

Klarin-yal, Coli's sister and the clanship's captain, helped peel off Coli's younger daughter. "Well, go with one of the others. Kurah-ral, maybe?"

"She's wif Kinahran! An' Ta-Pera! An' Teecoli! An' Ravahcroy!"

That was nearly all the clanship's almost-adult females. The sisters exchanged glances over Farafinleet's outraged white ears. Coli-nfarin said, "Find your brother and say he has to take you for a half-hour."

"But he's boooooooring!" Farafinleet wailed, ears down, while skulking off down the corridor.

When she was out of even keen-eared Kintaran earshot, Klarin-yal muttered, "There's a privateer in dock, I hear. Mars Rainbow. The girls're probably off drooling. Little young, but yours is nearly as big as you now!" She grinned at her petite sibling.

Coli frowned. "I'm not sure I approve. They've only a few Kintarans. And your daughter is with Kinahran."

"Urm." Klarin-yal's ears went down. "Can't think what they'd want with bipeds, though."

"Well, if she takes up with an Mmsar, at least they've tails."

"Yours likes languages. Might pick a Human."

Their tails puffed, the sisters went to find their offspring.
elizabethmccoy: A girl with a polar bear, titled "the bear prince." (The Bear Prince)
Being a list of all the ebook vendors I know of who carry any of my works.

Amazon (Warning! Contains not-me results!), (Warning: not all results are me!), Amazon.CA (Warning: searching Amazon.CA has several not-me results!), Amazon.DE (also containing several not-me results), Amazon.ES (also with many not-me results), Amazon.FR, Amazon.IN (contains not-me results), Amazon.IT (contains not-me results),, (contains not-me results),
Barnes & Noble
Diesel ebooks*
Sony ebooks

Apple iBookstore: Type "Elizabeth McCoy" into the iTunes searchbox, or start with Leaping Lizards (free!) and click on the author-name at the top of the page.

Blio: search on "Elizabeth McCoy" Search on "Elizabeth McCoy" from within the app.

* (As I write this, Diesel seems to think many of my books (all the free ones...) count as "erotic," when in fact, none of them would be classified as that. Though Herb-Wife does contain some relatively explicit scenes, it's not what I'd call erotica.)

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