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elizabethmccoy ([personal profile] elizabethmccoy) wrote2011-07-31 11:31 pm
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Kintaran Chronology

It occurs to me that, even though the stories should stand on their own reasonably well, it's worth mentioning the internal chronological order. This isn't always the order they were written in: "Leaping Lizards" was written first, and from there, I mostly forget.

So, in order:

Blackest Before the Dawn, available in the What Happens Next anthology.
Spoonfuls of Sugar
Recruiting Drive
Wahnt (Leaders)
Shadow of a Memory
The Best Revenge
What Really Matters
Maternal Considerations
Leaping Lizards
Uniqueness Counts
Shell Game

(The Mmsar stories, Snips and Snails and one unpublished story, have not yet been placed at a specific chronology with the Kintaran stories, nor with each other.)

It's probably best to read "Leaping Lizards" before "Uniqueness Counts," and "Wahnt" before "Shadow of a Memory." But reading them backwards might be interesting, too.