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When sickness comes to the country of Cymelia, alchemists and herb-witches create the healing brews that save lives. But this illness is different; the usual measures have little effect. Master Iathor is his city's best hope to discover a cure – but even with his alchemical skills, the plague is spreading through the city, and amongst his own household . . .

This 6,000 word short story is a prequel to Herb-Witch and Herb-Wife, set around 20 years (give or take a few) before the events in the duology. It includes approximately 2,000 words of worldbuilding notes in the glossary. Hopefully one will not need to read any of the glossary in the back, but for people who want to know more about the world? There's ample information, and perhaps an easter egg or two.

Art is once again by the amazingly talented Sarah Cloutier.

Priced at 99 cents, it is currently available at:

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To ensure his sons' immunity to hostile potions, the Lord Alchemist defied tradition to marry the only immune woman for generations: a half-barbarian.

Jani's been hired to blackmail the Lord Alchemist into disinheriting his "mongrel" heir, Iontho. When she mistakes the heir for a servant, Iontho takes the opportunity to pose as her alchemically-loyal minion and seek information about her mysterious employer.

While the travel is worse than he'd expected, the company's better than either had hoped, and young hormones are fully engaged -- but can youth and unexpected skills defeat age and treachery?

(All That Glitters is an approximately 92,000-word novel, and has mature scenes.)

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I have a review for Herb-Witch from Dear Author! I got a C. The review is, I think, quite a fair one. I have some things to try to remember for future books. (And, as I said in my more personal blog: be polite and don't fansplain, because the important part is for people to know if a book might be their cup of tea, or if they should avoid it. Whatever the grade/ranking/stars of a review, if it's detailed and fair, it gives people a chance to decide if they might like it.)

And Herb-Witch has also picked up a nomination in Best Fantasy/Urban Fantasy, on the eFestival of Words Virtual Book Fair forum, apparently run by Bards and Sages Publishing. It's a small nomination, but hey, it's pretty cool to have one! (Out of nowhere, too; I don't know who nominated me.)

Part of the nomination invited the authors to say things about themselves and their work. Here's the ten random facts I came up with off the top of my head.
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A list of the stories in my Lord Alchemist fantasy universe:

Plague, a prequel set approximately 20 years before...
Herb-Witch and Herb-Wife, the Lord Alchemist duology.
All That Glitters, book one of the Alchemy's Heirs trilogy.
Crucible, book two of the Alchemy's Heirs trilogy.
The Bear Prince, three folktales from the Lord Alchemist setting.
Legend of the Morning Star, another folktale from the Lord Alchemist universe. (Also available in Russian!)
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This was my first foray into self-publishing, and therefore needs a page of its own to document all the places that one can purchase it.
The Bear Prince (and other fantasy folktales) is a collection of three folktales from a fictional universe. When small magics are real, what stories do parents tell their children at night? What tales do storytellers spin, so their listeners will toss them a few coins? Find out, in "The Bear Prince," "The Princess and the Sheep's Wool," and "The Jewel of Moon and Starlight."

The Bear Prince's stories are drawn from the Lord Alchemist universe, but the Author's Afterword should provide any context that the stories themselves might lack.

Available at:
Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es, Amazon.in, and Amazon.it. (The stories are English, despite being sold in non-English countries.)
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DriveThruFiction (PDF)
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I have, at long-last, published my fantasy romance (...for some value of romance!) duology: Herb-Witch and Herb-Wife!

I'm very excited.


The Lord Alchemist must be immune to hostile potions. But in all the country, there are only two known immunes: Iathor Kymus, the Lord Alchemist, and his feckless brother, Iasen.

Kessa is a half-barbarian herb-witch, arrested for crimes she didn't quite intend. But when Iathor discovers her immunity to truth potions, he'll do whatever he must to court her. Guilty or not, she's his only hope of banishing his nightmare: a son enslaved to him by the loyalty potion that each Lord Alchemist's heir must drink, and defeat.

But Kessa doesn't trust him, Iasen despises her tainted blood, and there's still the mystery of who complicated Kessa's little crime into the bigger one she didn't intend. They don't even have the benefit of lust at first sight. All they have in common is the alchemist's immunity, and an ability to get on each other's nerves. Will it be enough?


The Lord Alchemist must be immune to hostile potions. But in all of Cymelia, there are only three with the alchemist's immunity: Iathor, his brother Iasen, and the half-barbarian herb-witch, Kessa.

Though Kessa is hardly the expected wife of a noble, Iathor has secured a betrothal - but his brother has vowed to prevent the marriage by any means necessary.

Iathor will do whatever he can to keep his wife, no matter what she's done or what his brother tries, but Kessa's own dark secrets may sabotage any hope of a happy ending.

(Both books contain mature situations.)

They are currently available from these fine ebook stores:

• Smashwords: Herb-Witch, Herb-Wife. (50% of each is available to sample.)
• Amazon: Herb-Witch, Herb-Wife.
• Amazon AU: Herb-Witch, Herb-Wife.
• Amazon.CA: Herb-Witch, Herb-Wife.
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• Oysterbooks.com: Search for author/title in the app.
• Sony ebooks: Herb-Witch, Herb-Wife.
• Versent: Herb-Witch, Herb-Wife

And, aside from the reviews on those pages (Smashwords and Amazon, primarily), people are talking on Goodreads about both Herb-Witch and Herb-Wife.

Sitting alone in the dark made it easy to tell when someone was coming, bringing light. Footsteps carried well, too, so far from the usual prisoners who waited for judging in the underground prison. Kessa'd had plenty of time to wipe her face, smooth her plain skirt, and sit up straight on the rough wooden bench.

She'd never been pretty enough to play the helpless child – not with a half-barbarian's black hair and coppery skin, and especially not with her eyes the way they were. Proper, stiff innocence, or dignified guilt, would have to serve.

She closed her eyes so she'd not be light-dazzled. There were soft words beyond the door, before it creaked open.
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Though slightly more "mature" than the stories in The Bear Prince (it mentions lovers, without benefit of priests), this folktale entirely free. It is narrated by the opinionated Ches, priest of the wind, who provides a few side-comments here and there.

The Legend of the Morning Star is one of the folktales of the Lord Alchemist universe, but should stand on its own.

It is available at:

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