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Drabble: Hairdressers

Prompt by LJ's Tuftears

"You will look fabulous," the signal-flare crimson Kintaran promised.

His target, a svelte female with unfortunately common tabby markings, flicked her ears nervously. "But... you have a hairdresser's. I..." She gulped. "I don't want the 'popular' cut."

Flare put his own ears back in indignation. "You think I'd be k'eetha? Please! Have faith! Credits entirely refunded if k'eetha!"

"All right..."

Over an hour later, mane curled and galaxies nestled within every formerly-plain black stripe, the Kint fem purred happily while she handed over her cred-card.

Several hours afterward, both Kintarans purred happily, and no credits had been swapped at all.