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Elizabeth McCoy

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Created on 2009-06-04 22:53:34 (#400166), last updated 2015-03-29 (212 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Nov 5
Location:New Hampshire, United States of America
Someday, I hope to be a Published Author of enough repute that I want to keep my personal blog separate from my professional blog. This would be my blog where I don't babble about the house being a mess, the cats going to the vet, the kid driving me crazy, or -- most especially -- how much I don't want to be rewriting something and darn those editors anyway for not recognizing my raw genius.

Thus far, my main claims to authorly fame would be the Kintaran stories in the high-quality fanzine, Pawprints; a Kintaran short story in Furry! The Best Anthropomorphic Fiction Ever! (formerly Best in Show, published by Sofawolf); and a short-short in Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress #7.

I have also written quite a lot of material for a certain role-playing-game company, but that's more niche and they all know me by my nickname already. (If you know both... Shh, don't tell! I'm trying to be all professional here.)

Whilst I was waiting for responses from agents, I decided to self-publish some short stories... In particular, the Kintaran stories are mostly already published, and therefore no magazine purchasing first-publishing rights would touch them. However, most of them also had black-and-white illustrations that can be colored to make great covers...

After waiting for responses, and getting some responses (including a very nice one from the same agent who handles Seanan McGuire), and writing another book... I decided that, at this time, I was happier self-publishing. And, quite frankly, the ability to be my own Art Director is a power-trip unlike any other! Between that and royalties that range from 35% at the low end and 84% at the high end, a traditional publisher would have to exert itself to get my interest.

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aja, barbara hambly, c.j. cherryh, fantasy, fantasy folk tales, lois mcmaster bujold, m.c.a hogarth, sarah cloutier, science fantasy, science fiction, seanan mcguire, self-publishing, traditional publishing
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