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Should I be posting links to reviews? Most of my reviews are on Goodreads and Amazon, with a few on Smashwords. I think there might be one or two on the B&N site. Anyway, a couple of the awesome ones that make me bounce up and down and want to geek out like a fangirl with the reviewer (but I don't, because I don't want to risk making the reviewers uncomfortable), are at GoodReads.com. These are really detailed reviews. (Less-detailed reviews also tend to make authors pleased, of course! Don't feel that there's some kind of review bar that you have to pass before you can review.)

Read if: You're looking for something living comfortably between fantasy and romance. You like thinking about the problems of consent and forced marriages. You love a heroine who has a bit of sneak thief in her. You're my sister.

Read if: You enjoyed the first one. You are interested in the high points of self-publishing in the year 2012. You like actually complicated forced-marriage scenarios, and not stupid ones.
There are also "skip if" paragraphs, which are, frankly, fine by me. I'd rather people be warned off if they wouldn't enjoy a given book!

This next pair is extremely spoilerific. Heck, I'll put the excerpts from them under a cut, just in case!
In this instance Ms. McCoy needed every page and two books to tell this story the way it deserved to be told and she does a fine job of it. [...] Kessa, after receiving such a shocking proposal in the midst of being accused of criminal conduct, thinks Iathor is deranged.
(I'm a sucker for someone using "deranged" in conjunction with that scene.)

He is hampered by his personal blind spots of having always had a stable, loving background and to a certain extent his refusal to see anything seriously bad in those he chooses to love.

If I've forgotten any good, detailed reviews... I did link to the Dear Author review, yes? ...please tell me! Or tell me if I shouldn't do any more "hey, look, awesome reviews!" or if I should make more strenuous use of the cut-tags, or whatever.

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